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 Featured Music for Picture
Kung Fu Joe
Watch Quicktime Movie (6.6mb, Quicktime)
  • Big-band Jazz, Cinematic Score
  • Original Composition
  • Orchestration
  • All Music Performances
  • Digital Realization
  • Mixing/Mastering
Fox Major League Baseball
Watch Quicktime Movie (10.6mb, Quicktime)
  • Orchestral score "Field of Dreams"-esque
  • Original Composition
  • Orchestration
  • All Music Performances
  • Digital Realization
  • Mixing/Mastering
De Nous - A Dance
Watch Quicktime Movie (6.3mb, Quicktime)
  • Small Orchestral, Tango Elements
  • Original Composition
  • Orchestration
  • All Music Performances
  • Digital Realization
  • Mixing/Mastering

 Instrumental Music for Picture

Spy Running (Orchestral, 3.14mb, 02:11)

  • Music for an action film trailer, its all abo...

Flying (Orchestral, 4.1M, 03:31)

  • Soaring in the clouds, its the perks of being...

Lunar Superficie... (Orchestral, 1mb, 01:00)

  • The surface of the moon, majestic and mysteri...

Morning Coffee f... (Orchestral, 2.5mb, 02:44)

  • An epic adventure that start with the morning...

Greek Cat Fight (Jazz/World, 2.3M, 02:28)

  • A little mediterranean brawl and intensity, j...

Eastern Trainrid... (World, 840k, 00:54)

  • Waiting his prey in the bush... no in the des...

Prayer to Ra (World, 1.1M, 01:12)

  • Offering oneself to the gods at 4am

Zing Gah Loh (World, 1.4M, 01:28)

  • A happy tribal dance, bring the rain!

Gentle Mystic (Orchestral, 969k, 01:02)

  • A gentle breeze, yet a dark moment in time

Solitude (Solo Piano, 2.3M, 02:28)

  • A walk on the boardwalk, its time to reflect

Loss of a Friend (Orch Trio, 1mb, 01:37)

  • Much sadness, missing a friend that is no lon...

Intimate Moment (Orchestral, 1M, 00:44)

  • A close moment between friends or lovers, in ...

Tension Mounting (Orchestral, 1mb, 01:00)

  • The clock is ticking, but our hero is a whiz ...

Sci Fi Boogie St... (Electronic/ Jazz, 2.2mb, 02:17)

  • Only Zerph can save us in his 2933 Toyota Spa...

Rise And Shine (Pop, 1.7M, 01:48)

  • Wake up and jump out of bed, its time for a f...

Stripper Swing (Jazz, 814k, 00:52)

  • Take it all off, dame!

A Monster In The... (Orchestral, 1.2M, 00:48)

  • A creepy review of the deep dark closet revea...

Dark Corners (Orchestral, 939k, 01:00)

  • A mysterious search in dark corners, what can...

Fear Pulling (Orch/Elec, 1.7M, 01:46)

  • Its so creepy, so scary, its gonna eat ya! RU...

Enter The Crypt (Orchestral, 730kb, 00:46)

  • Mysterious dark cobweb filled stone passagewa...

Workin the Lab (Electronic, 954k, 01:01)

  • Simple grooving electonic crime lab work musi...

In The Cracks (Electronic, 2.8M, 02:02)

  • Mellow electronic crime scene electronic musi...

Deep Space Journ... (Synth Electronic, 3.3M, 03:32)

  • Floating in space, the eerie yet majestic sta...
 Advertising, Feature Instrumental and Popular Music

The Tempest (Orchestral, 1.4mb, 01:00)

  • Power and grace, football or chase, we loves ...

Vetements Frais (Orchestral, 781kb, 00:31)

  • Ahhhh Fresh laundry never smelled so nice...

You Can Be Certa... (Vocal, March, 965k, 01:00)

  • Americana radio jingle for a car dealer

Electric Juice (Electronic, 1Mb, 01:02)

  • Some booty stompin for a 1 min ad spot.

City JazzBeat (Hip-Hop, 3.2M, 03:28)

  • Rap instrumental with jazz and mid-eastern el...

Groove Attitude (Hip-Hop, 3.7M, 03:58)

  • Rap instrumental with dark hard hitting eleme...

Motion Bed (Electronic, 3.1m, 03:20)

  • Electronic beat, good for TV sound bed

Tranes Pain (mon... (Jazz, 3.6M, 03:55)

  • Montage of the extended jazz quartet piece

Day One (Jazz, 8.8M, 10:48)

  • Extended jazz exploration between alto and te...

Gypsy Moon (Acoustic Jazz, 2.1mb, 02:09)

  • Wandering thru the streets of Perugia Italy s...

Ra Ra Rahk (Rock, 1.9M, 02:02)

  • Rock and roll with some nice twists

Overjump (Rock, 1.1M, 01:15)

  • Rockin good time

Hey You (Pop, 3.1M, 02:35)

  • An arrangement I made of the Pink Floyd song ...

Im Shapin Up (Musical, 2.8M, 03:02)

  • Title song from the new musical comedy "...

Theres No Need T... (Musical, 4.1M, 02:59)

  • A song from the new musical comedy "Shap...

Gather Yourself ... (Musical, 3.3M, 02:23)

  • A song from the new musical comedy "Shap...

Welcome To Deevi... (Musical, 7.4M, 05:16)

  • A song from the new musical comedy "Shap...

Jazz Break (Jazz, 111k, 00:05)

  • An NPR type of jazz promo/signet

A Childs Eyes (Pop, 400k, 00:26)

  • A radio / tv bed

Corporate Promo ... (orchestral, 204kb, 00:13)

  • Corporate logo, signet, or promo

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"Chris is an extremely knowledgable and gifted composer and musician. [...] Chris helps round out the skill set for Tunewelders as an affiliate composer, and we couldn't be more excited to be working with him"
-- Jeremy Gilbertson, Tunewelders

"Christopher's collaboration on our project was imperative. He is a master musician and a cutting edge thinker."
-- Sean Thompson, Mahicos Pictures

 Chris' Notes
Hey! If you are in Seattle on a Tuesday night, head on over to the Owl 'n Thistle for a groovy jazz jam session hosted by Bebop and Destruction.

Attention Dayton Rock fans! Go see Orange Willard and see the high energy new sound they are making. They have a new album coming out (with a track with your's truly playing sax) and are leading the way in the Dayton Band Playoffs. So if you like to rock, make sure you get out and see this band thats just bustin at the seams with heat.

"First, pianists need to comp for soloists as well as they comp for themselves!"
-- Saxophonist Frank Tiberi on Piano comping